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Friday, August 26, 2011

Review - Nature of the Beast

Nature of the Beast

Category: Heart pounding suspence action, mystery and hot romance

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Nature of the Beast

By Jodi Langston

           Nick has come through a battle and won. He is in love with Kathy and he wants it all marriage and a child. Nick gives an ultimatum to Kathy and when Kathy balks he starts over as a sheriff in the wilds of Minnesota to catch a serial killer. Nick is moving on with Angie Reynolds a hot sexy woman who wants him and doesn't want to make him over.As Nick tries to move on with an amazing new woman Angie his past in Kathy comes back to haunt his future.The serial killer then finds his new target.
           What follows is non -stop action and romance an mystery. And what's good romance without turmoil? Readers of Robert Crais will admire and enjoy the deeply flawed but intensely moral character that is Nick, the brooding Detective/Sheriff. Nick is charming and sweet but also has a hard edge to him. As the reader you can't help falling in love with this character as he walks the hardline between good and evil and tries so hard to keep a moral stance.
    Read this book you'll truly enjoy its hot steamy love scenes, the suspense and action that take place in Nature of the Beast; to the heart pounding conclusion of the book. In this authors hands it's truly a journey you'll enjoy taking.
I can hardly wait to read  Jodi Langston's next book The Ties That Bind.

*****   5 stars out of five

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