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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book Review: Draugr (Northern Frights)

 Draugr (Northern Frights)

Draugr (Northern Frights) 
by Arthur Slade
Available at Amazon http://ow.ly/1uQcKA

     I was a big reader of Grimm’s fairy-tales when I was a child I loved the scare that you would get from them.  I also loved family tales and legends so this book Draugr (Northern Frights) [Kindle Edition] by Arthur Slade intrigued me despite the fact that it was written for a younger audience.
     The young characters in the book Sarah, Michael and Angie are visiting their grandfather in Manitoba, Canada. Their Grandfather whose homeland was Iceland likes to spin tales of family legends from Iceland. He tells them of a family member coming back from the dead for revenge. The three American children are mostly scoff at the story but the next day it is like the legend is coming true they see a ghost child and darkness settles over the town and their lives. Their grandfather is worried and demands that they cut their two week visit short and go home immediately. He arranges for them to go home that next morning. While they are all ensconced in the living room sleeping something breaks into their grandfather’s home and steals him away. Sarah summons all her strength from herself and her ancestors to disregard edicts from adults find and put her own in jeopardy to save those who are closest to her.
       I truly enjoyed reading this book as it invoked the feelings I had reading those Grimms fairy-tales for the first time. This is an excellent thriller for young adults or young readers who are ready for something more. It will arouse the young readers delight in reading with its fast paced story and frightful tale.
**** *
5 out of five
Available at Amazon 

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