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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Drorgon's Slayer's Choice

The Drorgon's Slayer's Choice 
By Tahlia Newland

Julia finds hits her head and that is when her journey begins learning about the Gods and their purpose and how she could help. This is a story of renewal and romance as Julia is offered her heart’s desire but must prove that she is worthy of it. An enchanting story the reader can really enjoy from the beginning to the end. 
★★★★ stars out of 5 ★★★★

Monday, November 28, 2011

Review Chill Run

read the first three chapters here http://www.russellparkway.com/

Review of Chill Run 
by Russell Brooks
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      Chill Run is an action packed thriller with a captivating and complex story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.
Eddie the main character is the average guy he’s struggling in his twenties and getting a lot of flak from family about his ambitions. He’s a writer who is finding it hard to break the glass ceiling to get his book published. His parents think he’s wasting his time writing and should go to school like his sister Denise whose is going to Harvard medical in January.
Eddie’s friend and roommate Corey, and Corey’s girlfriend Jordyn; think he should stage an event to get publishers interested in publishing his book. Eddie at first thinks it is a foolish idea but when Eddie loses his job, fights with his parents, and worries about rent money he is much more receptive to Corey and Jordyn's idea to get his book published. Jordyn uses her connections to set Eddie up with a celebrity, however things go horribly wrong for him when the client turns out to be suicidal and ends up revealing to Eddie details of a billion dollar financial fraud scheme.
 Remorseful Eddie confesses all about his media idea and goes in the washroom to cancel the expose but while he’s there two men kill his client. The next thing Eddie know he is on the run with Corey and then Jordyn from cops and the bad guys. To prove his innocence and save their lives he must remember a five minute conversation with the dead client and unravel secrets. I just could put this book down as I wanted to find out what would happen next to Eddie.
I fell in love with the main character and his friends Corey and Jordyn and hope that the writer will choose to make these characters into a series of books as they are exceptional rich characters I’d like to get to know even better. I have a new favourite thriller writer.
5 stars ★★★★★ out of five stars ★★★★★

Other books available by Russell

Pandora's Succession  and Cover for 'Unsavory Delicacies'
Available at Bookbuzz and Smashwords

Russell’s website: www.russellparkway.com

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Review- The Santa Shop

The Santa Shop (The Santa Conspiracy)
Review The Santa Shop by Tim Greaton

I love holiday stories well written ones touch the heart and make you think and The Santa Shop by Tim Greaton is no exception. This story is a charming heartwarming Christmas story that will make you weep and smile with joy. Written in the first person you see the world completely from the view of this broken homeless man Skip. Your heart will be in your mouth throughout the story as you feel everything this character feels. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just say read this story you’ll be glad you did.
I highly recommend this book.
5 stars ★★★★★out of 5★★★★★

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review of Barbarian Girl

Barbarian Girl by Noah Murphy
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/ttysmh

Liza is a fifteen year old girl who comes home to find an axe implanted in her bed, before she can even begin to comprehend why, she is transformed into a muscular ripped defined taller woman. Her skin once milky white is now tanned. She has been chosen by the Axe of Borin to be the Borin wielder (the first female ever to have this position). The government who monitors all citizens’ changes comes after Liza to make sure she is on their side. After all if you don’t work for the government than you are an enemy of the government. They want her to immediately step into action but her next door neighbour (a retired government agent and super hero) Sarah Sapphire steps in saving Liza and insisting Liza needs to be trained.This is where the story begins as Liza must go on rapid journey of self-discovery and grow up fast to be the Borin wielder.She must learn to be the hero she was picked to be and learn the most the most important lesson that no heroine stands alone.

While the book is a good read some parts seem a little rushed and could be explained more. For instance when she finds the sword she just jumps to thoughts of revenge, perhaps Liza is aware of the legend of the Borin Axe but that is never explained. There are a few instances of this throughout the book where the author surges ahead with the story without explaining. That said it is a very interesting take on a world where super heroes and powers are the normal; Barbarian Girl is a interesting look at being a teenager and having greatness thrust upon you. However I must caution against language and sexual situations that are contained in the book, this book is for a mature teen audience.
   3   stars out of five
★★★ out of 

My first book Review of Love's Labour's Won

guest reviewer Danielle Lee muma reviews Love's Labours Won 


Copied With Permission From D.Lee-Muma)Please Visit Her Website For More YA Reviews 

9th October
written by Danielle Lee-Muma
Love’s Labours Won (available for purchase here) by S.G. Lee
This paranormal romance/thriller straddles the line between young adult/teen fiction and
adult fiction. The e-book is approximately 210 pages, and available for nearly every device imaginable.
This is a quick-paced and fun read. Sarah is young and unemployed but willing to work, making her a character that is easy to identify with. Sarah has no family to turn to for help — at least she believes she has no family. Where the book gets interesting is that when Sarah finds out (quite by accident on her part, she was just looking for a job) that she has family she didn’t know about, she opens a whole can of worms. There is intrigue, magic, loveslabourswonmurder and some doubt as to who can be trusted. Sarah is a strong-willed female character who is sweet and kind without being a pushover which I really like after reading recent fiction that involved “blank-slate” female characters with all the ambition and self-identity of a slug. Sarah never sits back and waits for rescue when she knows that she is in trouble.
I highly recommend this book. ★★★★ out of ★★★★★

Review -Paradox-The Angels Are Here- Book 1

Paradox The Angels Are Here (Book 1)
By Patti Roberts
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/pAotlu 
Available at Smashwords http://bit.ly/nruWjR
Is an intricately woven tale with both myths and legendary creatures as evil angels. Grace seems like an ordinary human girl but if that is so why is a good angel watching over her that only Grace can see. Is the good angel is protecting her hiding her from the evil angels who would kill her and devour her. We come to know all about the child Grace. Without giving anything a way we can see Grace’s lives challenges as a child and how they will shape the woman she will become. We don’t know quite why they want Grace most of all but I’m sure we will find that out in the next book. This book made me cry and made me smile in its beautiful description of angels and their purpose. The story is rich and truly well researched as points of history are used in its plot.  I truly enjoyed it’s telling.
 I can hardly wait to read Patti Roberts next book Paradox- Progeny of Innocence- Book 2

★★★★★ 5 stars out of five ★★★★★

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Review -The Sentry by Robert Crais

The Sentry

Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/s3bJfX 
The Sentry By Robert Crais

I love Robert Crais books they are always action packed and this one was no exception.Pike is the main character this time a refreshing change as we find out more details about him and the bond he has with Elvis Cole. We have seen in other books how Pike has an inner core of goodness under that steel core he shows to everyone but we see in this book how deep that gentle giant is in Pike.Not to say that we don't see the warrior Pike as well author Robert Crais  shows that side too. A young woman Dru Rayne asks Pike for help and he is drawn in faster than ever. She is a beautiful woman who needs his help and we all know Pike answers the call.He tries to find her help for her situation but it all falls apart as Dru disappears and Pike fears she and her uncle have been kidnapped.From there we delve deeper into the story as the revelations about what is really happening keep coming.A wonderful book from an exceptional author who writes spellbinding thrillers.
5 Stars out of five

Book Review- Invisible (Ivy Malone series 1)

Invisible (Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1)

 Invisible = (Ivy Malone series 1) by Lorena McCourtney
Available at Amazon for Kindle http://amzn.to/oV5Gov 

    Ivy is an older woman who feels she has been made invisible by her age as people marginalize her she’s lost her best friend and she’s at odds with what to do with her time Her dentist dental assistant mixes her up with other woman of a certain age. A man runs into her and says he didn’t see her. So she decides to us her invisibility to her advantage and when someone is tearing down the cemetery headstones she goes to see for herself who is doing it so she can catch them in the act and finds out more of a mystery. Than her best friend dies and her tenant goes missing.
A interesting strong woman Ivy is not a shrinking violet or old woman. Ivy investigates all starting this mystery. A truly enjoyable mystery that I’d like to read the next in the series. In Plain Sight
5 stars out of five

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review - ( A Novella) The Call from Within by Eri Nelson

The Call From Within (Dearhart Clan Series)

The Call from Within by Eri Nelson
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/rfQjqp 

This novella delves into the life of a werewolf from the Deerhart clan; Owen Deerhart. Owen has been a werewolf for a long time. He is the alpha of his clan. Women werewolves are born not made so they are very hard to find so imagine his surprise when he finds his soul mate Kristin Still. Kristen and Owen however both come with baggage. Kristin’s is an ex-lover whom she finds is a shape shifter Brinston. While Owen’s is someone he used to work with “Wash” Washington Lee Jefferson (a former slave who killed his master fleeing and then was bitten by a werewolf. He wants Owen and Owen’s clan dead.so there is plenty of action when it comes to them. Kristin and Owen’s carnal delight in each other certainly comes through to the reader This novella is very well written but some of the story is a little rushed and short on details. I would have liked to have seen more of Kristin getting to know Owen and sharing more of their lives with one another   “Wash” and Owen government job could have been explained better, that said it is still a very interesting story and I enjoyed it’s telling.
4stars out of five

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review of Osric’s Wand the Wand Makers Debate

Cover for 'Osric's Wand: The Wand-Maker's Debate'

Osric’s Wand the Wand Makers Debate 
by   Jack D. Albrecht Jr and Ashley Delay
Available for:
Amazon Kindle at http://amzn.to/s81Z8d
Nook at Barnes & Noble http://tinyurl.com/3vj6m4m  
Other e-readers at Smashwords http://tinyurl.com/3soo4f9
Osric’s Wand is an epic tale of high fantasy Creatures in this world are governed by magic and all communicate to one another; whether they be prairie dogs, unicorns dwarfs, weasels, irua, elves, humans, lions, dragons, or eagles. All are learning their way through the ropes of magic to control and use it. This book reminded me of the epic journey Frodo took with his faithful companion Sam in "Lord of the Rings"   series of books. Readers of that series will love this book as we are taken on Osric’s journey of peril and self-discovery to find the culprits who have disrupted Archana’s worldwide peace treaty with an explosion and save the world they know. Osric realizes that with the explosion killing some at the conference and disrupting the treaty signing each world leader will now blame the other; as they do not know where the danger came from. Osric is young and new at leadership but he has great gifts that can help him in his quest to find out the truth behind the explosions and how to prevent war He is not aware of these gift or how to use these gifts but he is willing to learn; something a reader will enjoy as the hero has to find his way. Osric is young brash but has a great capacity for compassion and leadership though he is unaware of his abilities at first. His steadfast companion Kenneth (his Sam)Gus a prairie dog wand maker (his Gimli and Gandalf all in one ) challenges him and has a gruff adversarial stance. As well as Pebble, Kenneth's  son and Bridgett an empath and Maiden to the Unicorns who join Osric to become his steadfast companions. Each help Osric to try to achieve the goals set . Together these brave creatures set out on a perilous journey to save their world. Each will bring their own strengths to hopefully achieve their purpose.  
There are so many intricate layers to this story that will keep the reader wondering what will happen next. This book will appeal across the board to readers of all ages who enjoy a great epic story. I was not a big fantasy fan before reading this book but I have to say these writers engaged my interest with their characters and I was able to picture it all.A truly enjoyable the writers captured my interest from the first page and never let it go.
Five stars out of five. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Review - Meant To Be

Meant to Be (The Saving Angels book 1)

Meant to Be ((The Saving Angels book 1))
By Tiffany King
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/pSEoBu 

         Krista is used to not fitting in she’s intelligent and sensitive; in fact too sensitive, strong emotions make her ill. She’s always dreamt of a shadowy male figure that comforts her but he has been slipping away from her in her dreams and she doesn’t know why. She’s been waking up crying because he feels ripped away from her.
Since her father died Krista and her adoptive mother need a change of scenery and Krista has always been drawn to Santa Cruz so that’s where they move. In Santa Cruz she finds out the truth about herself and her past.
This story is first of all charming, endearing and you really identify with the main character Krista, so much so that you want to know what will happen next to her as the story unwinds.It is a rich story told with great sensitivity and thought.
Meant To Be is a story of self –discovery, as well as a love story. I highly recommend this book as I couldn’t stop reading it until its conclusion. I look forward to reading others in this series.
Five stars out of five

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review- Ties That Bind

Product Details

Ties That Bind

by Carolyn Arnold
Available at Amazon   http://amzn.to/ncwkZs
Also at Goodreads   http://bit.ly/o6EC4q

      This book a first in the Madison Knight series by Carolyn Arnold is a beginning look at the police detective and what makes her tick. As the story progresses we see the woman Madison Knight is and the lengths she goes for justice. Madison Knight is a kick –ass, hold no prisoners police detective. She has intelligence, attention to detail, charm and hard headed determination.  Madison Knight is driven bound to her job and justice for the murdered victim. She like a lot of people has to fight bureaucracy and hierarchy just to do her job but if I were the victim I’d want Madison Knight on the job. The story was solid interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat while it took me on a roller coaster ride to its conclusion.
There’s only so much an author can tell about their character in one book so I look forward to reading more of this character in future books.
Those who enjoy the Castles series on television, the Kinsey Millhone books by Sue Grafton, or the much heralded Prime Suspect books by Lynda La Plante, which were made into a BBC series, will enjoy this strong take charge woman. They will also enjoy the Author’s attention to little details about police procedures making it a more authentic experience.
five stars out of five

Review- Reunion

Cover for 'Reunion'

(available at Amazon http://amzn.to/pZFVVV  ) 
By Jeff Bennington

            Mr. Bennington gets in the mind of a teen bent on revenge in this novel. He gives life to the teen and the motives behind the killings. It starts as all books do, at the beginning, the catalyst event, the shooting twenty years before. The slow build up to the killings is so intense and so well written your stomach begins to hurt .After the initial killing, we see what happened to the students that survived .As the reunion approaches, we discover the survivor’s reactions, and the secrets behind them,

          Mr. Bennington’s skills as a writer are evident as the build-up to the reunion continues throughout the book. The brilliantly weaved story defines the characters and makes them engaging .If you are a fan of Stephen King, you’ll certainly enjoy this book. It has the same spine tingling kind of thrill. This book is a fast paced paranormal thriller that you will not be able to put down until the conclusion.

***** 5 out of five stars

Review- By A Thread

Cover for 'By A Thread'

By A Thread  
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/pc2pmj 
Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/57299

by Marty Beaudet 

    This book is a tour de force thriller of gripping action. This writer really knows how to research a story and give it accuracy.
    It begins with the seeds of terrorism. We start with a prisoner of Gitmo being released but blackmailed to work for the CIA with threats to his family. We see his wife who doesn’t have a clue where he has been; struggling to feed her children and translating for her country to feed her children and fight terrorism. Both are being manipulated by the very government they are so loyal to simply because of their native land. As we delve into the novel we get to know the main character Kevin a missionary of the Mormon Church posted in Germany. Kevin an innocent raised in the Mormon faith he has never been allowed to think of his own sexuality. He is confused and hiding from himself as who he really is goes against church doctrine. Kevin is approached by the CIA to spy on a terrorist suspect Jasim Shammari whom Kevin has met in his missionary duties. Kevin finds himself falling for the suspect and must choose either the suspect or his country and religion. The story really takes off from there as we find out the president has been killed and the vice president is dead. Who is really behind those acts of terrorism it seems in the novel that the seeds of terrorism are insidiously beginning to germinate in the youth and in desperate people’s lives that are blackmailed by unscrupulous people. However is the real culprit Al Quaida or is something more sinister at play? Does someone want to seize the power of the presidency of the United States for themselves? Could they have engineered all to size that power? Really nail biting suspense and heart-pounding chases as you turn the pages wondering what will happen next. I truly enjoyed this well-crafted story of intrigue. This author is a new favourite of mine and I look forward to anything else he might write.
5 out of five 


Book Review: Draugr (Northern Frights)

 Draugr (Northern Frights)

Draugr (Northern Frights) 
by Arthur Slade
Available at Amazon http://ow.ly/1uQcKA

     I was a big reader of Grimm’s fairy-tales when I was a child I loved the scare that you would get from them.  I also loved family tales and legends so this book Draugr (Northern Frights) [Kindle Edition] by Arthur Slade intrigued me despite the fact that it was written for a younger audience.
     The young characters in the book Sarah, Michael and Angie are visiting their grandfather in Manitoba, Canada. Their Grandfather whose homeland was Iceland likes to spin tales of family legends from Iceland. He tells them of a family member coming back from the dead for revenge. The three American children are mostly scoff at the story but the next day it is like the legend is coming true they see a ghost child and darkness settles over the town and their lives. Their grandfather is worried and demands that they cut their two week visit short and go home immediately. He arranges for them to go home that next morning. While they are all ensconced in the living room sleeping something breaks into their grandfather’s home and steals him away. Sarah summons all her strength from herself and her ancestors to disregard edicts from adults find and put her own in jeopardy to save those who are closest to her.
       I truly enjoyed reading this book as it invoked the feelings I had reading those Grimms fairy-tales for the first time. This is an excellent thriller for young adults or young readers who are ready for something more. It will arouse the young readers delight in reading with its fast paced story and frightful tale.
**** *
5 out of five
Available at Amazon 

Review- In search Of Lucy

Cover for 'In Search of Lucy'

In Search of Lucy (available  at Amazon http://amzn.to/mVdqMf 
 Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/50303

by Lia Fairchild

     In Search of Lucy, Lucy is struggling with left over issues from her childhood. She raised Katie protected and mothered here over the years but Katie left for her own family life in Texas and left Lucy behind. Lucy was left bereft and empty nested especially as her addicted mother abandoned her too leaving nothing but debts. She had no education nothing but memories of her sister and the pain of her childhood to keep her company. Lucy lives in limbo suffering the sins of the past. Her estranged sister Katie calls her to ask the ultimate sacrifice she needs Lucy to save her again by giving her a kidney.
     This book is rich with feeling as the author takes you on Lucy’s journey of ups and downs to find herself and learn to move on from the past that holds her back. I enjoyed this book so much. The story was rich with lots of detail to make it feel real and alive. It felt like stepping through the pages as I read and into Lucy’s head.What an inspiring, uplifting book. I couldnt put it down to its conclusion
5 stars out of five

Review-Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery (Jacody Ives Mysteries)

Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery (Jacody Ives Mysteries)

Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery (Jacody Ives Mysteries) [Kindle Edition] Available at Amazon  http://amzn.to/w1MTO0 

Author Linda S. Prather & Charles, Jr. Prather 

  Jacody Ives has a secret and is well suited to solving the crime that haunts his sleep. He seeks absolution in solving what haunts him. Katie O’Connor is a woman who has been living with the knowledge she was at death’s door since she was a child but the door is opening wider and she hasn’t much time. An accident gives Katie the life she’s always wanted but the heart is a bridge to the killer and Katie’s past. Jacody’s and Katie’s lives are about to intersect with a psychic bond involving a serial’s killers actions, his victim haunting them both.
In the book Jacody states ”It all boils down to secrets who was hiding what and why?” Isn’t that what every good mystery is about and this one is definitely a better than average mystery.
This is a suspenseful story with intricate layers woven with great care and detail to make an exceptional read. I truly enjoyed this stunning mystery as the author drew me in and made me identify with both of the main characters. It reminded me of some of Tony Hillerman’s books with its mysticism and mythic legends woven into the story. Readers who enjoy his books would certainly enjoy this one. This book was one I could stop reading until its conclusion. I look forward to reading the prequel to this book The Gifts and any other material from this author.

Book Review:The Good,The Bad and the Undead

Good, The Bad, And The Undead

The Good,The Bad and the Undead
By Kim Harrison
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/rK2qSy
I have to start off by saying these books Kim Harrison are totally addictive. I read the book directly after this and because I did without reading this one I was slightly puzzled by the storyline.so when I found this book I was pleased so I could understand the story better.
     Without giving out too much of the story Rachel is a witch who use to work for a government agency and now she has gone on her own to work as a bounty hunter.She lives with a Vampire and a family of Pixies(one of which is Jenks who works for her)in a converted church and runs her bounty agency out of there. Living with a vampire who is trying to reform is difficult because as you know Vampires drink of blood and not drinking blood for them it is like resisting chocolate.Jenks is fun and free spirited and he and his family are an interesting brood for this book. 
In this book Rachel is drawn back to work as a consultant for the government agency she once worked for, to find someone who is killing Ley-Line witches.Rachel views and  guilt of crimes are dismissed as prejudicial and without proof by the stuffed shirts at the government agency who only operate by the book but when they throw Rachel into the mix she must find the killer before the killer strikes her and her family.A truly fun read for anyone that loves the paranormal books.
5 stars out of five

Review- Cage of Bone

Cage of Bone

By Leanne Beattie 

Available at Goodreads http://bit.ly/kWJkKJ
 also at Amazon

        This book is a deep look at the pain that death and suicide wreaks as well as the havoc on love ones. It also deals with the systemic impact of loss and how this influences each of the family members but especially the protagonist sixteen year old Ronnie.
        As someone who has lost a sister (not to suicide but to cancer) I read this book with open eyes knowing how I felt when my sister died wondering if the author could capture those feelings. I have to tell you this author made me feel all of those emotions again as we follow Ronnie through her journey of grief and more.  A poignant story of love, life, and loss of a sister, this book is the journey of someone who is hurting wounded and needing help but can’t ask for it. I enjoyed this carefully crafted story and its intricate layers from Leanne Beattie and look forward to anything else she’d care to write in the future.
This book is a must read for teens and adults coming to grips with loss.
***** 5 stars out of 5

What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot

I was lucky enough to win this book from Penguin Group Canada
Published by G.P. Putnam books
What Alice Forgot
Available at http://amzn.to/uxHyc3 
By Liane Moriarty
       Alice Love has an accident and when she awakes she believes that it is ten years before. Alice is surprised by all the changes that have taken place in those ensuing ten years. She doesn’t remember her children her friends and relationships with others have changed in ways she can’t understand. The true innocence of Alice is endearing and sweet and makes you enjoy the protagonist even more.
     This book is a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we follow Alice’s journey to learn about the changes and where she goes from here. This book grabbed from the first page. As I followed along Alice’s journey and felt every emotion she felt. This gripping novel was exciting and thought provoking as you think about yourself and your own journey of the last ten years and where that has taken you how would you adapt to this happening to you?Where would your mind go? What would you do to fix the present?Would you want to?
This book has everything that you could want in a novel a character that you can identify with, difficult situations that the character must deal with and fascinating people surrounding her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read.

***** 5 stars out of five

Review -Bury Her Deep

Bury Her Deep
Bury Her Deep
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/unEnRd 
By Catriona MacPherson
       Bury Her Deep is the second book in the Dandy Gilver Series. Dandy Gilver is a wealthy farmer’s wife or so it appears to the outside world but the war and economy has altered their financial situation and Dandy has found a source for earning a little pin money. She has become a detective a secret she keeps from her husband Hugh by allowing him to think she is acting the society wife doing her husband proud by representing him in charities and the like. Dandy is approached by Hugh’s good friend and minister to solve the mystery of the Dark Stranger in a small village. The minister believes that the newly formed Women’s rural institute maybe the target of these attacks as all the woman have been at these meetings. The villagers like a lot of small villages keep to themselves and do not welcome strangers and their questions. Dandy has difficult getting to the heart of the mystery as the women who were attacked don’t want to even discuss it. When they do some of them raise the spectre of witchcraft being involved, Dandy dismisses it but then has to ask herself if she really has all the facts.
      While the story of this book sounds interesting and compelling, I had trouble delving into this book simply because I could not like the protagonist Dandy. I found Dandy an unlikeable character and because of some of the dialogue being in Olde English found myself struggling to understand what was happening in the book.That said Ms. Macpherson is an interesting writer and I may try another in the series and see if I like that better.
*** 3 stars out of five

Review- Larceny and Old Lace –A Vintage Magic Mystery

Larcency And Lace

Larceny and Old Lace –A Vintage Magic Mystery

Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/sgxUvN 
By Annette Blair
This is the second Vintage Magic mystery.
        In Mystic Falls, Connecticut Madeira Cutler (also known as Mad or Maddie) is renovating the old funeral parlour that centenarian Dolly Sweet has given her. The former funeral home will be her new business, Vintage Magic. It will be her dress shop for timeless classics and designer originals. She’s gotten more than she bargained with the funeral home as it comes with the ghost of Dolly’s sweetheart, Dante Underhill and the former owner of the funeral home and a quilt wrapped with mysterious bones. Madeira crosses paths with her childhood nemesis Detective Sergeant Lytton Werner as the discovery of the bones delays the opening of her new shop. Lytton has no idea that all Maddie’s information comes from psychometrics (the touching of object and the ability to see the owners) and Maddie doesn’t want him to find out. Delaying the opening comes at a financial cost but Aunt Fiona, the chairman of the White Star Circle of Spirit, Southeast Connecticut Chapter comes through. Aunt Fiona is, as Maddie's mother was, a witch and she offers to hold the Circle’s Halloween day, costume ball that evening sponsored by the Circle and pay for the lighting on the top floor. Maddie is more than willing to accept as this will help start her business.

      Maddie would love to have her boyfriend FBI agent Nick Jaconetti help but he’s off saving the world as usually but at least he’s available by phone for records. As Maddie finds out the bones may belong to a thirty year old mystery she’s more than ready to delve into the mystery. Maddie and (her best friend since childhood)Eve delve into the mystery to save a friend from suspicion of a mysterious fire and death at the playhouse across the street from Maddie’s new business. The characters are rich and vibrant slowly building and introducing them to the reader allowing the reader to learn about them and their lives and making you want to know more. The mystery itself is interesting ,compelling and a really good read.
4 out of five stars

Review -Death Of A Snob

Death of a Snob

Death Of A Snob

Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/tieGBi 1
Category: Murder Mystery
By M.C. Beaton
If you’ve never read a Hamish Macbeth mystery you should. They are fun interesting a great take on life in the rural of Scotland. The author also writes the Agatha Raisin series which I also find amusing and captivating
 In this book the sixth in the series it’s Christmas, Hamish is sick and feeling sorry for himself. His mother phones and says he can’t come home for Christmas as his aunt is visiting and she (the aunt) dislikes Hamish for something that happened when he was young. Hamish feels this is unfair but can’t say anything so he finagles a invite to an acquaintance of Priscilla’s. The acquaintance Jane Wetherby feels she’s in danger that someone is trying to kill her. Hamish feels she’s really not in danger but when he’s offered room, board, and food he jumps at the chance to go to her Scottish island health farm. Arriving on Ellencraig, he feels that tingle he gets when something is wrong. The locals are not thrilled with Jane Wetherby and neither are some of her hostile Christmas guests who are barely civil. When one of the guests gets killed Hamish must find out what’s really going on.Hamish in his personal life is his usual clueless bachelor self.
A captivating mystery with characters who come to life in a cozy mystery you’ll curl up to read.
*****5 stars

Review: A Vengeful Longing

A Vengeful Longing

By R.N. Morris
Category Mystery,Suspence
Available at Amazon  http://amzn.to/w3kcFc 
This is the second in the series however I have not read the first A Gentle Axe after reading this book however I’ll have to find that book and read it. . A doctor brings home a fancy box of chocolates for his wife and son an unusual gift on such a hot afternoon. Within an hour, both mother and child die a poisoning death, and the doctor is immediately arrested, suspected of poisoning. Detective Porfiry Petrovich  a character from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment comes alive once again in this book as he too seems to succumb to the heat and concedes that the doctor must have done it. More murders happen and a strange coincidence seems to be tie the three murders together but how to prove it? Porfiry is forced to go into the darkest part of the city and face unimaginable horror and cruelty to solve this crime. Porfiry is a character much like Sherlock Holmes who determines the essence of the crime picks it apart and then puts it back together to find the answer.
 The writer R.N. Morris has captured the essence of Russia of the nineteenth century. This book is an interesting and a compelling read. I must read “A Razor Wrapped in Silk” the next book in this series which came out in May last year as I found this book so compelling
****`  4 1/2 stars out of five

Review: Poppy Done to Death

Poppy Done To Death

Poppy Done to Death
By Charlaine Harris
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Category: Mystery
In book eight in the series Aurora “Roe” Teagarden is finding a little happiness she settled down into her job at the library and is dating mystery writer Robin Crusoe. However all good things must come to end and this is no exception as Thanksgiving looms Roe has an unexpected visitor in her half -brother Philip who has run away from home  (who met his sister in the last book) and is sure she would be good place to escape from his parents. Added to that she is trying to get to know her new stepbrothers and their wives better so Poppy is happy to put in a good word for her step-brothers wife Poppy in the exclusive Uppity Women’s Club. Roe and her other sister-in law are waiting for Poppy’s inauguration ceremony when she doesn’t show they go to find her. There at Poppy’s home they find her dead. There are a number of suspects because Poppy had an open marriage. Roe decides to use all the skills she’s learned from all the dead bodies she’s found to find the killer which brings her back into her former boyfriend the detective’s circle. The two then have to put aside their differences to find the killer.
N.B. This book is good and gives some closure to some of the story of Aurora however when reading it I was not aware that this was the last in the series. I keep hoping that Charlaine will revisit this series as I love Aurora Teagarden.
**** 4 stars out of five

Book Review: Ghouls Gone Wild(Ghost Hunters Mysteries number 4)

Ghouls Gone Wild

Ghouls Gone Wild(Ghost Hunters Mysteries number 4)
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/sbBIP1 
Category: Paranormal Mystery

By: Victoria Laurie

       This is the fourth book in the Ghost Hunter series featuring M.J. Holliday and her sidekick Gilley. I had read her first book in this series but managed to miss the others I’ll have to catch up on them later.

         In this the fourth book in the series M.J. is forced to honour  the contract she and Gilley signed  and go to Scotland to participate in a reality show Ghoul  Getters ,with a fellow medium Heath Whitefeather. This is not at all what M.J wants Stephen seems to be so distant and she is starting to rethink their relationship. He works when she’s sleeping so she hardly ever sees him and going far away is not going to help matters. 

        M.J is faced with something she’s never faced before a century old witch Rigella. Rigella is said to haunt the village of Queens Close haunting the descendants of the village and killing them every hundred years. As M.J. battles the witch who controls the hundreds of dead souls there she is confronted with the evidence that Gilley is a descendant of a Gillespie who lived in the village and therefore at risk but the witch has come back early so who is controlling the witch? As they fight to find the culprit M.J. finds herself drifting further away from Stephen and a new closeness with her medium partner Heath Whitefeather.

        This book is a scary thriller of psychic attacks, physical attacks from the beyond and a a personal behind the scenes controlling what is really going on..It is violent in parts but how else can the writer display the fear that all in the book have of the witch Rigella. Interesting characters and in fact I liked Heath so much better than Stephen who I knew from the first book. This book is actually a notch above her first book in the series “What’s a Ghoul to do?” An interesting paranormal mystery read.
This book is actually a notch above her first book in the series “What’s a Ghoul to do?” An interesting paranormal mystery read.

**** 4 stars out of five