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Monday, October 28, 2013

Review of Liquid Courage by B.J.Martinez

Cover for 'Liquid Courage'

               Review of Liquid Courage

                       By B.J.Martinez

Available at Smashwords 

         The rambling, fun, flirty way, the story unfolds amused this reader. I understand the way they met, flirted and all the simple attempts used to attract the object of her desire before she found her liquid courage. The story is a tender story of romance told with all the main character’s emotions raw and on view for the reader’s perusal.

         The only fault I can find with it is that we never know the main character’s or secondary character’s names. I would really have liked just a simple introduction to them, like her name or someone else saying to him so on so whatever name this is the main character’s name. I still however highly recommend this story for a fun, sexy romance read.

 3*** stars out of 5*****

Monday, October 7, 2013

Review of After Party by B.J.Martinez

                Review of After Party  a short story by B.J.Martinez

available at Smashwords 

          Diego Bonifacio is a powerful CEO of a software company but underneath he’s still that little shy insecure poor boy from Miami, he’s been in love with Anne Geller, his companies marketing director for years, but worries that making a move will ruin their friendship. The characters are playful and the dialogue is fun to read. The romance slow building and fun to read finds the reader rooting for them to get together and when they do fireworks. A great short story read for those who love a good romance.

4 **** out of 5***** 

B.J.Martinez can be reached at https://twitter.com/thepocketgeek

and  at     www.seraphim7.com    his website

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Excerpt from Unravelled by @MKTod & Review

In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of WWI, introducing a debut novel by Canadian author M.K. Tod.

UNRAVELLED by M.K. Tod     Unravelled_M.K._Tod.jpg 

Book Review Unravelled

 Unravelled is the story of a couple Edward and Ann Jamieson and their relationship and how it is impacted by two world wars. The author delves into both husband and wife’s reactions to difficult conditions and distance war can bring to a marriage. The writer has done a lot of research and it shows with the attention to small details about the husband’s jobs in the wars and other character’s occupation’s descriptions. Reading about war is often fraught with tears for the reader, due to the carnage done in the two world wars and this book is no exception as the reader gets to experience the war through the writer’s character’s eyes.  While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I felt the book could be divided into two parts. The writer could have started with Edward participating in in World War 1 and it’s aftermath on the main character afterwards and then the second book starting with World War II and how it affected the couple. 
   Anyone who enjoys character rich and historically accurate world war books will enjoy this novel. This manuscript shows the gritty underside of war and how it affects not only soldiers, but those left behind and how we struggle to make sense of it all, while still trying to maintain relationships in a crumbling world.

31/2**** out of 5***** 

Read Chapters One and Two of UNRAVELLED (click on chapters one and two.)

Unravelled is available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon (USCanada and elsewhere), NookKoboGoogle Play and iTunes. please check out my review of Unravelled and your chance to win this book from September 24, 2013- October 1, 2013 in your choice e-book or paperback here

Two wars. Two affairs. One marriage. Set at the intersection of love and war, Unravelled delivers a page-turning mixture of emotion and sacrifice.


'A sweeping story of love and war with much of the style of Brief Encounter and the passionate intensity of Birdsong.' Jenny Barden, author of Mistress of the Sea

Unravelled 'deftly illuminates the subtle stirrings of the human heart as movingly as it depicts the horrors of battle.' Barbara Kyle, author of Blood Between Queens

'A beautiful rendering of the healing journey of two war torn hearts.' Elisabeth Storrs, author of The Golden Dice

'A compulsive and convincing read.' Helen Hollick, author of historical fiction and historical adventure

'M.K. Tod's Unravelled beautifully evokes an era of heightened tension, in which her characters' decisions become all the more heart-rending.' Anne Easter Smith, author of A Rose for the Crown

'An engrossing historical saga.' Sarah Johnson, Historical Novel Society Book Review Editor and author of two historical fiction guides

'Character rich and historically gritty action on how war truly effects families and relationships in a crumbling world.'  Sheilagh Lee

M.K. Tod had a successful business career until a move to Hong Kong prompted an unexpected hiatus. Using that time to research her family history ultimately resulted in Unravelled and a new career as a writer. Beyond her debut novel, Mary has written two other novels with WWI settings. She blogs at awriterofhistory.com and is a book reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. In 2012, Mary conducted a unique international reader survey on the topic of historical fiction. 

UNRAVELLED release date: September 19, 2013
A book launch event for UNRAVELLED will be held on October 8, 2013 starting at 7 p.m. at the Duke of York at 39 Prince Arthur Avenue in Toronto, Canada.

Facebook Page: M.K. Tod Author
Twitter: @MKTodAuthor
GoodReads: M.K. Tod

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review Muse by Mary Novik

Review Muse by Mary Novik 

Available at http://amzn.to/1dqPpUq  

       Review Muse by Mary Novik

          Solange LeBlanc is a known clairvoyant so when her harlot mother dies the abbey takes her into use her abilities to benefit the church. Raised in Benedictine abbey. Solange sees the value of learning all the techniques of a scribe and learns all questioning the values of the church. Solange becomes also at risk from visiting cleric and who see all as theirs to use as they see fit. Solange leaves the abbey and tries to ply her trade as a scribe but men feel there livelihood threatened and block her patrons. Solange has no choice but to continue to work for the unknown poet Petrarch and make her living by copy work. Solange believes on Petarach and gives herself to him but he lies by deed and omision for he loves another. He even refuses to legitimize their son by marry her like he promised.  He  then kidnaps their son which leaves Solange to reach out and find use her wits and charm to get those who in power to help her retrieve her son. 

Muse shows the reader the period of time when women were chattel and those in power in the church cared little but for their own comforts and the social change brought about by plague. In Solange the writer has created a fascinating character flawed, but feisty, quick to recover from setbacks, which makes the reader care about her all the more. I truly enjoyed this engrossing book.

4 1/ 2 ****> out of 5***** 

Where to find the author

I received this book from Random house for @bookaliciousCA book chat. This review is my opinion an I have not received any compensation.

Review Witchwood Estate - Cursed- Book 3

Review of Witchwood Estate - Cursed- Book 3 by Patti Roberts

Cover for 'Witchwood Estate - CURSED (bk3)' Available at Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/329492
 Amazon at  http://www.amazon.ca/Witchwood-Estate-Cursed-bk3-ebook/dp/B00DLGSZHA

          Witchwood Estate -Cursed, the third in the series doesn’t disappoint as it fills the reader in on some of the characters, we met in book one and book two. We find out more about River, Kat and the other people now surrounding Alexandria. We learn what happened to Alexandria and why Kat poisoned her. Just when you think you as the reader have a handle on what has occurred in the book, the author Patti Robert’s throws us another mystery. An enchanting fascinating series, Witchwood estates   keeps the reader enthralled and wanting the next installment in the series as always when you read any book in this progression.

Fans of television series with witches, vampires and other unnaturals such as Vampire diaries will love these books in this book chain.

4**** out of 5***** 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review- My Warped Tours by Sydney S. Song

Cover for 'My Warped Tours'

Available at Smashwords 

               Review- My Warped Tours by Sydney S. Song

         This book is a charming conversation with a friend, Ruthie, about Sydney’s travels. Sydney’s travels invariably end up with whacky or unexplained happenings, or as Sydney puts it “every city we visited punched back. Witty and very humorous, Sydney Song has captured what all of us know can happen on a holiday, but always deny will occur. She also teaches the reader, how much more fun it can be when you accept the changes and those bad things that happen on holiday. As a reader, I thoroughly enjoyed reading her descriptions of the places she visited and what happened there. You’ll enjoy the quirky amusing anecdotes of Sydney’s family and personal vacations and even come to envy her warped tours.

4**** out of 5***** 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review -Embryo 2-Crosshairs

Review- Embryo 2 - Crosshairs

By J. A.  Schneider.


Available at Amazon

                         Review- Embryo 2- Crosshairs

Jill and David recovering from trauma three days later now find themselves in the middle of a media storm. Their patients know the story and fawn over them. Their fellow doctors fuss over them and just when they think it can't get any worse, rape patients are brought in with messages written on them for Jill and David. Jill and David must once again work together to find out who the rapist is before he gets to them and the embryo in the neonatal unit. J. A. Schneider has followed up her first suspense filled medical thriller with this second one which is as good, or maybe even better than the first book in the series. The reader follows along with Jill and David as if you were there. A real tour de force story, which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat trying to determine who the villain, is after them.

Review- Embryo by J.A.Schneider

Review- Embryo by J.A.Schneider
Available at Amazon


The book starts out simply, a woman, pregnant, starts having symptoms she doesn’t understand of bleeding from the mouth collapses in the street and is brought to hospital. Dr. Jill Raney an obstetric intern begins to question the mortalities of women and their babies who have come to the renowned fertility and genetic engineer research hospital. Jill risks her career to find the truth and solve why some patients have died even if it jeopardizes her budding romance with her supervising physician and his career.
This is in a thrilling, page turning story. The attention to the correct medical jargon and information makes this tale more believable.  The reader finds themself drawn into this medical thriller, as the mystery starts to unravel and follows the threads to the stunning conclusion.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review - Witchwood Estate-Ferntree Falls -Book 2 By Patti Roberts

Review - Witchwood Estate-Ferntree Falls Book 2
By Patti Roberts

Cover for 'Witchwood Estate - Ferntree Falls (book 2)'

Available at Smashwords
and Amazon

Seventeen year old Alexandria Santorini is on a journey  to her home now that she’s almost eighteen to claim her inheritance where her parents were murdered. Things have changed but she has the rosy glow of memories of her early youth there to to sustain her belief that she has come home to where she belongs as the last remaining of the bloodline of the Harvey witches.  This story has all the elements that will excite young and old readers, stories of witches, witchcraft, spells, suspense twists, turns and dastardly characters. Patti Roberts has found a way to blend the gothic feel of those kinds of books, I loved as a teen with the modern storytelling of today in Witchwood- Ferntree Falls Book 2.  I truly enjoyed this book as these kinds of stories were my favourites as a young teen and I'm sure young and old will as well. 

 ☆☆☆☆ 1/2 stars out of ☆☆☆☆☆5

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review -Time Weaver-By Thomas Knight

Time Weaver

By Thomas A. Knight

Available at Amazon

Review -Time Weaver by Thomas Knight

           Seth Alkirk is told an epic battle story as a five year old child about a powerful wizard Krycin who can summon the power of time and space and uses his abilities to defeat the dark lord and protect his kingdom. That night his father leaves and is never seen again after an argument with his mother. Seth thinks the story is just that a story, until his thirtieth birthday when an accident opens a portal from the world he knows and propels him into the world of the fairy tale. Here begins the story that takes the reader on a journey to the castle seat, along with Seth, as his learns about his legacy and connection to Krycin. As Seth seeks to save the Kingdom the wizard Krycin once saved.

         Much like Lord of the Rings it is an epic journey that takes them through battles with soldiers, and beast like creatures, and even gods. With many twists and turns this book keeps the reader enthralled and makes the reader want to read the next book Legacy- the Time Weaver, Chronicles Book II.

☆☆☆☆ 1/2 stars out of ☆☆☆☆☆5

Monday, May 6, 2013

Red by E.J.Koh

Red is a dynamic story about Spirits, Wakes and Humans. Sera is a Spirit, (one who looks after humans from Wakes). Sera much like a lost, naïve, teenager, is different from all those who surround her. She longs for different things, something which makes her poles apart from then her fellow Spirits, and makes her feel alone. Sera wants to live and feel and change up things, but as a Spirit she is expected to learn and obey the rules. When Sera breaks the rules everything changes. Sera begins journey that will awaken who she really is and point her to her place in the universe.
E. J. Koh creates worlds that the reader can picture, including the characters, which are just as loveable. From Sera who feels different from all the other Spirits, to Azel, the Wake, these characters show layers of humanity that the reader can follow and identify with. The reader will enter the world and not want to leave these characters.

☆☆☆☆ 1/2 stars out of ☆☆☆☆☆5

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review The Tech Guy by Lia Fairchild

Review The Tech Guy by Lia Fairchild

Available at Amazon US http://ow.ly/hHg9Q

The Tech Guy

& Amazon UK http://ow.ly/hIT1Q

The Tech Guy 

by Lia Fairchild

         Emma Barton is a busy career oriented woman. She’s the acting managing editor of The New You magazine, and she wants it to be a permanent job. Emma, a woman with a secret that could impact her chances at keeping her dream job, has so far kept that secret; but when her boss hires a new tech guy, she fears her secret will be revealed. Despite this Emma still tries to excel at her job, doing her best to make the magazine stand out.

        I enjoyed this romance novel, Emma’s banter goes from flirty and fun to downright snarky at times making for an exceptionally fun dialogue to read. Emma is complicated, but warm-hearted, and the reader gets to see this in everything she does. Although the reader has to really think about why the reveal of the secret would be such a big deal, as a lot of readers may not know the reason why this might impact so heavily on Emma,this should probably have been explained by the writer. An interesting, captivating, read.

4 ☆☆☆☆stars out of ☆☆☆☆☆5

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review - Devil’s Nightmare by Rob Pruneda

Review-  Devil’s Nightmare by Rob Pruneda

Cover for 'Devil's Nightmare'

Available at Amazon and Smashwords

 Devil's Nightmare

Detective Aaron Sanders responds to call where they found severed mangled bodies and a sole survivor, a child Cody Sumner who isn’t speaking. This is followed up by a call to a nearby cemetery three victims in their teens. The detective is baffled by the crimes and the child is either unwilling, or unable to provide answers to the crimes. When the medical examiner offers the explanations of an animal attack Detective Sanders rejects it and continues searching for answers. An unimaginable evil stalks the child and Detective Sanders, only Detective Sander’s alertness and spiritual beliefs can save them both from the Devil’s Nightmare.  If you like Stephen King you’ll love the Devil’s Nightmare. Gripping suspense and  fear come over the reader on this a rollercoaster ride so much so that you want to keep flipping those pages to get to the stunning conclusion.  

☆☆☆☆☆ stars out of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review- Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

Shadow of Time
Available at Amazon 
All Hannah needs is a nice and quiet vacation after her first year of teaching French at a high school. She joins her brother Ben for the summer in their mom’s log cabin in Arizona. There, she meets Josh again, Ben’s childhood friend from the Navajo reservation. The little boy from the rez has grown up fast, and Hannah can’t help but feeling more for him than just friendship. 

But fate apparently has something else in store for her. And it’s not peace and quiet. Night after night, Hannah is plagued by strange nightmares about the past of Navajo Nation and terrifying shadows chasing her. They seem to come closer – and why is Josh always present in her dreams? 

Sometimes, the past has a way of catching up with you

Book Review- Shadow of Time 
by Jen Minkman

This book starts out a little too slow as we don’t really get to Hannah’s dreams until almost the fifth chapter of the book. However once we get to that point the story starts to pick up and the characters are fleshed out. The book’s very detailed information about the Navajo or the Diné as they call themselves is very interesting and if the reader keeps reading they will enjoy the journey.
Hannah’s and Josh’s trip to find the past and thwart the skinwalkers makes for interesting and captivating reading as the writer shows great attention to detail and research into the Navajo. The sweet unfolding romance of Josh and Hannah is an enjoyable part of this book as is the love that Ben Hannah’s brother has for his sister and his friend Josh.
I loved the ending of this book and I think any other reader will too.

3 1/2  ☆ stars out of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book Review-Reluctant Medium

Book Review-Reluctant Medium
By G.G. Collins

Cover for 'Reluctant Medium'

Available at Smashwords or Amazon

About this book

Reluctant Medium
G G Collins
Reporter Rachel Blackstone has a nose for news, but she never expected to be a newsmaker. While summoning her dead father with a Native American ceremony, an evil spirit slips through. Her efforts to return the spirit uncover a scam involving both the quick and the dead. Rachel discovers the ancient wisdom of a Hopi shaman may help her, but she must discover her own power first or die trying.

Book Review-Reluctant Medium
By G.G. Collins

       The supernatural has always interested me so I looked forward to reading this book about a reluctant medium. The main character Rachel Blackstone is grieving, her father died mysteriously three months ago about the same time her marriage started to crumble. Rachel has decided to use Hopi techniques she learned to bring back her father to ask him how he died. But something goes wrong and another entity, an evil entity springs forth bent on harming her brother. Rachel is forced to go back to the place where her father died to warn her brother.

      The story is rich in details as we see Rachel work at her job as a reporter and read descriptions of Santa Fe and the area. I really liked this character and her friend Chloe. I truly enjoyed the story told by this author G.G. Collins, the rich details of the Hopi traditions and beliefs. I also enjoyed the lead up to the conclusion of this book. I look forward to reading the next book by this author Lemurian Medium.

☆☆ stars out of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review of Paradox Bound By Blood

I had read “Paradox-The Angels are Here" (see review here http://bit.ly/wl0Otx ) and Paradox - Progeny of Innocence (see review here http://bit.ly/StZWYV ) available at Amazon and Smashwords and looked forward to reading more of the story to better understand what was propelling the story and what place the children truly held in ending the conflict between the fallen angels and the humans. So below see my review.

Cover for 'Paradox - Bound By Blood'

Available at  Amazon and Smashwords

Paradox-Bound by Blood

       The epic story of the fallen angels and those who oppose them continues to intersect with the present, as the group of seventeen-year-olds continue to remember more about their past lives. The back stories carefully layered in the story, to intersect into the present and the story that takes place will obviously lead us to a story in a future book. We do however, learn more about the Gregori’s ancestry and more about Cerberus, Abbadon and even Talia’s motivations.

       The reader begins to understand and learns more of Grace’s life and her past lives, thus we can understand the trials and troubles she has endured, to get to this moment. We see more of the love story that was Juliette and Damon and more of Angela’s past. The one thing that shines through is the love that the young characters have had through time and time again, and how they have continued to find one another despite obstacles.
What will these characters do? I guess we will have to read Patti Robert’s next book to find out what will happen to these characters and how and when they will face the Gregori’s. Until then I’m going to re-read the first three books in anticipation of her next book to fill the void.

4 ☆☆☆☆ stars out of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

Monday, January 7, 2013

Review of Vigil Annie

Vigil Annie
                  Available at Amazon  http://amzn.to/TZI59t

                      Review of Vigil Annie by Lia Fairchild

       Annie Crawford used to be a police officer but that was in the past~ before she and her fiancé Michael were attacked and he died. Recovering from her severe injuries she was recruited by a mysterious Agency that works behind the scenes to fight crime. Annie however only wants to find the man or men who killed Michael. As Annie recovers slowly from her heartache she starts to wonder more about the Agency she now works for and begins to wonder if she’ll ever find out who killed Michael despite what the Agency promised her.

       Vigil Annie is a fast paced action/thriller that keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. The intricately layered story will keep the reader at the edge of their seat enthralled with the enfolding story. Another gem from the very talented Lia Fairchild.

4☆stars out of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆