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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Excerpt from Unravelled by @MKTod & Review

In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of WWI, introducing a debut novel by Canadian author M.K. Tod.

UNRAVELLED by M.K. Tod     Unravelled_M.K._Tod.jpg 

Book Review Unravelled

 Unravelled is the story of a couple Edward and Ann Jamieson and their relationship and how it is impacted by two world wars. The author delves into both husband and wife’s reactions to difficult conditions and distance war can bring to a marriage. The writer has done a lot of research and it shows with the attention to small details about the husband’s jobs in the wars and other character’s occupation’s descriptions. Reading about war is often fraught with tears for the reader, due to the carnage done in the two world wars and this book is no exception as the reader gets to experience the war through the writer’s character’s eyes.  While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I felt the book could be divided into two parts. The writer could have started with Edward participating in in World War 1 and it’s aftermath on the main character afterwards and then the second book starting with World War II and how it affected the couple. 
   Anyone who enjoys character rich and historically accurate world war books will enjoy this novel. This manuscript shows the gritty underside of war and how it affects not only soldiers, but those left behind and how we struggle to make sense of it all, while still trying to maintain relationships in a crumbling world.

31/2**** out of 5***** 

Read Chapters One and Two of UNRAVELLED (click on chapters one and two.)

Unravelled is available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon (USCanada and elsewhere), NookKoboGoogle Play and iTunes. please check out my review of Unravelled and your chance to win this book from September 24, 2013- October 1, 2013 in your choice e-book or paperback here

Two wars. Two affairs. One marriage. Set at the intersection of love and war, Unravelled delivers a page-turning mixture of emotion and sacrifice.


'A sweeping story of love and war with much of the style of Brief Encounter and the passionate intensity of Birdsong.' Jenny Barden, author of Mistress of the Sea

Unravelled 'deftly illuminates the subtle stirrings of the human heart as movingly as it depicts the horrors of battle.' Barbara Kyle, author of Blood Between Queens

'A beautiful rendering of the healing journey of two war torn hearts.' Elisabeth Storrs, author of The Golden Dice

'A compulsive and convincing read.' Helen Hollick, author of historical fiction and historical adventure

'M.K. Tod's Unravelled beautifully evokes an era of heightened tension, in which her characters' decisions become all the more heart-rending.' Anne Easter Smith, author of A Rose for the Crown

'An engrossing historical saga.' Sarah Johnson, Historical Novel Society Book Review Editor and author of two historical fiction guides

'Character rich and historically gritty action on how war truly effects families and relationships in a crumbling world.'  Sheilagh Lee

M.K. Tod had a successful business career until a move to Hong Kong prompted an unexpected hiatus. Using that time to research her family history ultimately resulted in Unravelled and a new career as a writer. Beyond her debut novel, Mary has written two other novels with WWI settings. She blogs at awriterofhistory.com and is a book reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. In 2012, Mary conducted a unique international reader survey on the topic of historical fiction. 

UNRAVELLED release date: September 19, 2013
A book launch event for UNRAVELLED will be held on October 8, 2013 starting at 7 p.m. at the Duke of York at 39 Prince Arthur Avenue in Toronto, Canada.

Facebook Page: M.K. Tod Author
Twitter: @MKTodAuthor
GoodReads: M.K. Tod

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