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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Confined Space by Deryn Collier

Review:  Confined Space by Deryn Collier
Confined Space

Available at Amazon 

Ex–Canadian Forces commander Bern Fortin has moved to a small town in British Columbia, to escape the memories of Afghanistan and Rwanda. He hopes for little work as the coroner, so he can recover from his troubles and grow his garden. When a man is found in a vat at the local brewery everyone wants to call it an accident except for Bern and the Brewery’s safety officer Evie Chapelle. Evie however is hampered by the Brewery officials who want everything finished so they can continue making beer. Bern is hampered by the senior coroner who wants to save his budget and prefers to think its an accident covered by the workmen’s safety board. Soon Evie is risking her life to find out what happened and Bern is risking his job to find out the truth.
I loved the characters of Evie and Bern and hope that the writer will decide to write another book with these characters. Bern is thoughtful and caring but deeply troubled by his time in the military. Evie is struggling with her relationships and her new position as safety officer at the plant. A truly enjoyable mystery that keeps the reader enthralled with the scenery, the characters and their lives and the story to find out what happened to the victim and why? I love a good mystery and this one kept me enthralled.

5☆☆☆☆out of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

N.B. I received this book in soft cover from Simon Schuster Canada and the YummyMummybookclub but all opinions are my own and not influenced by the book company or book club or author.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review of Skeleton Key-by Jeff La Ferney

Review of Skeleton Key-by Jeff La Ferney
Category: Mystery, Suspense Paranormal
Skeleton Key (Clay and Tanner Thomas Series)

Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/M3o6B5

      Category: Mystery, Suspense Paranormal

     Clay Thomas teaches math and is a baseball coach, but he has a secret; he has the ability to move things with his mind (telekinesis). He can also read minds and plant thoughts; only his friends the Drs. Zander and Lydia Frauss know of his skills. Clay is in mourning for his wife Jessie who he believes was killed because of his secrecy and use of his talents. Clay is also worrying about his son Tanner who is developing the same abilities and more. He worries about Tanner’s ability to handle such power. Dr. Zander Frauss has been helping both of them deal with their gifts. Lydia and Zander are worried about his depression so they give him a mystery to hopefully solve and a people to help.
      Erika Payne’s husband disappeared seven years ago after a train accident, that her son Logan (then ten years old)was able to walk away from. Logan has never spoken about that day. He is withdrawn and says very little. These are the two people the Drs. Fraus would like Clay Thomas and his son Tanner to help.
      This is where the story begins and the mystery piece by piece begins to unfold. The writer Mr. La Ferney has carefully crafted a mystery with characters that are engaging and interesting. With the book Skeleton Key, the reader gets a captivating mystery, but you also get to know the characters and their growth. You see them in their everyday life playing sports, and doing what they normally do making it easier for the reader to identify with the characters.
     Without giving away the story I can tell you the main characters learn more about their paranormal gifts, how to use them and we learn about the other engaging characters in the novel seeing how they change for knowing the Thomas’s. The clues are layered liberally through the book for the reader to follow of what happened to Adrian Payne, but Mr. La Ferney is a superb plotter and keeps the reader guessing until the very end. A captivating book the reader won’t be able to put down.

5☆☆☆☆ stars out of 5☆☆☆☆☆

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shelter: A Novel

Shelter: A NovelShelter

Received from Random House CA and FortyliciousCA 
Available at Amazon and other book stores
Shelter: A Novel
by Frances Greenslade
Shelter is a deep look at a family in turmoil. A story of Maggie and her sister Jenny are living with their parents life is a struggle for their parents to make ends meet but they manage. Then their father is killed at work leaving them with no money. Their mother needed to find work and she drops the girls off with a neighbour and friend of their father’s. Told from the younger daughter Maggie’s point of view, we feel all the emotions of children suddenly thrust into lives they don’t understand and their hope that they will see their mother again soon because she hasn’t abandoned them.A haunting story that grips the reader as you want to know the entire story of what happens to the children and feel all the emotions right along with them.
The book story has vivid images and descriptions of Williams British Columbia that will leave the viewer spellbound and give much needed background to the actions of the protagonists. I truly enjoyed this read and the unbroken sisterly bond displayed in this book.
5 ☆☆out of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆