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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review- God's Buried Children by Daniel Farcas

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

Review- God's Buried Children by Daniel Farcas

Available at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MBU7I66

The author assures me the proceeds going to  www.MyAmericanKids.com an organization that helps immigrant children

                              Review: God's Buried Children by Daniel Farcas

   A heartbreaking gritty true life story of growing up in Bucharest orphanage, unwanted, unloved and tortured by the very people who were supposed to protect him. Daniel is brutally honest about his escape and further life on the streets, and in the underground; existing and coping with the horrors of everyday life as a child beggar. You see through that child's eyes, the true account of what happened to him and the other children. 
   This account will make you cry for the child, Daniel and others, who were never allowed to be children and make you hope and pray no child should ever go through this again. But it is also a story of eternal hope and resilience even in dark times and Daniel’s ultimate strength and survival to carry on and achieve a voice for those children with this account. Please note though that this book could have used an editor it is still an exceptional story.

3 Stars out of five
***                 *****

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Devil’s Nightmare Premonitions-Review

Devil’s Nightmare Premonitions-Review

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this book Devil’s Nightmare Premonitions. I had read the previous book in the series and enjoyed every moment of it.

    Two years have passed since Aaron Sanders retired from the Austin Police Department after what the media has called The Saint Hedwig Massacre. Adam decides to make a new life away as a cop away from the tragedy and moves his family to a sleepy small town in Lost Maples. Something has relocated with his family however as Aaron is once again caught in the middle of a mysterious investigation that has an eerie familiarity. Aaron is certain he knows what it is but is he?
In Devil’s Nightmare Premonitions the reader taken on a journey through spine-tingling situations also delves into the character’s minds. We get to know more about Aaron and his family as Cody is threatened yet again. As the reader I found myself scared, shaken and transfixed with horror as I continued to read the gripping conclusion.
I give this book

4 and 1/ 2**** out of 5 *****

Monday, September 15, 2014

Review The Demeter Code

The Demeter Code Review

The Demeter Code (An International Spy Thriller)

available at Amazon
By Russell Brooks

In the Demeter Code Ridley Fox is back working with Doctor Nita Parris attempting to find out why a man on the world’s terrorist list wants a hard drive. The hard drive and other operatives lead Fox and Parris to a newer bigger threat on America. But who and what their motives are is the biggest surprise for the agents, who must try to stop them before they kill again this time on American soil.
One of the criticisms I had of Russell Brooks’ first book in this series, which the character of Doctor Nita Parris needed fleshing out and you learn more about Nita’s background in this book and this makes the book more satisfying. Russell Brooks took the time to research and it shows in every loving, action detail. The weapons are believable and even scary.
I enjoyed reading this page turner and would recommend this book to those who enjoy a rich story with love scenes, combat and fight scenes as well written dialogue and passages.

4**** out of 5 *****

Review Unsavory Delicacies

Unsavory Delicacies Review
Unsavory Delicacies
Available at Amazon
By Russell Brooks

Two word  Review- Deliciously Good

In Crème Brûlée
Monique Beauvais attempts to romance a software genius to sell her technology that can control drones and will dispose of him once she gets it.
In Shashlyk and Morezhenoe
CIA operative Ridley Fox and his team attempt to get documents much like ‘Ethan Hunt’ in Mission Impossible in disguise. What Ridley finds is a bombshell.
In To the Last Bite
A food critic gets a surprise.

A lot of this book has deliciously dark humour that most readers will relish and add to the books enjoyment.  These stories are a delight and fun to read.

4 ****out of 5*****

Review Pandora’s Succession Review

Pandora’s Succession Review
Pandora's Succession (An International Spy Thriller)
available at Amazon 

By Russell Brooks

Ridley Fox is an agent with the CIA; his worlds collide as he is sent to investigate the consortium Arms of Ares who is also responsible for the death of his fiancée. Arms of Ares has weaponized a deadly virus that if unleashed could end the world. Misinformed and hoodwinked at every turn Ridley must use all his abilities and intelligence to decipher the truth and save the world.  
Russell Brooks has created an action packed book that begins and ends with conflict. The book is well researched as details seem to ring too true. Reading the book the reader can imagine all of this happening especially given the recent Ebola news and how that is spreading. Mr. Brooks does keep the reader in suspense; the fight and confrontation scenes are detailed in such a way that I could picture them all and seemed very authentic.  I also liked the selection of names and the villain’s names specifically, but I would have liked more information on Doctor Nita Parris and a little more delving into her character so I could have understood her better.
A very enjoyable action thriller as someone who enjoys reading ‘Jack Reacher’ books and the ‘Bourne’ books I think readers who like those books would enjoy this one.

3 *** stars out of 5***** 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review - The Bear

Review - The Bear
By Claire Cameron


Anna and Stick placed in a metal cooler by their father to protect them from the bear terrorizing their campground, exit finally and see their mother blooded and she tells Anna to take Stick(Alex) in the canoe away from danger and the bear. a haunting suspenseful tale as almost six year old Anna strives to look after her two year old brother and escape the Bear's clutches. Claire Cameron manages to capture the children’s voices so that the reader is right there with them. A well written story, with haunting, and heartbreaking bravery, in a tale of a fight for survival.

4***** stars out of 5***** 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review - Embryo 3 -Rainey and Levine

 Available at Amazon

Review - Embryo 3 -Rainey and Levine
By J.A.Schneider

     Jesse the baby that was grown and farmed in a fake womb is under threat again from protesters. Jill wants to adopt him but David worries they’re involvement as his parents would make life more difficult for the baby as they’d identify him. Meanwhile someone has taken their religious fervor too far and threatens and harms anyone who they believe are the devil’s tools. Jill with David’s help must seek out the zealot before they can harm the hospital or Jesse.

     Embryo 3 will give the reader a rip roaring nail-biting, thrill ride, from start to finish, as we see more of Jesse’s world and the zealots who threaten him. They say the devil is in the details and the details make this book outstanding. All the little threads that the reader connects to solve the mystery written in the pages make this book an exceptional read. 

4***** stars out of 5*****