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Monday, September 15, 2014

Review Pandora’s Succession Review

Pandora’s Succession Review
Pandora's Succession (An International Spy Thriller)
available at Amazon 

By Russell Brooks

Ridley Fox is an agent with the CIA; his worlds collide as he is sent to investigate the consortium Arms of Ares who is also responsible for the death of his fiancée. Arms of Ares has weaponized a deadly virus that if unleashed could end the world. Misinformed and hoodwinked at every turn Ridley must use all his abilities and intelligence to decipher the truth and save the world.  
Russell Brooks has created an action packed book that begins and ends with conflict. The book is well researched as details seem to ring too true. Reading the book the reader can imagine all of this happening especially given the recent Ebola news and how that is spreading. Mr. Brooks does keep the reader in suspense; the fight and confrontation scenes are detailed in such a way that I could picture them all and seemed very authentic.  I also liked the selection of names and the villain’s names specifically, but I would have liked more information on Doctor Nita Parris and a little more delving into her character so I could have understood her better.
A very enjoyable action thriller as someone who enjoys reading ‘Jack Reacher’ books and the ‘Bourne’ books I think readers who like those books would enjoy this one.

3 *** stars out of 5***** 

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