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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review of Barbarian Girl

Barbarian Girl by Noah Murphy
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/ttysmh

Liza is a fifteen year old girl who comes home to find an axe implanted in her bed, before she can even begin to comprehend why, she is transformed into a muscular ripped defined taller woman. Her skin once milky white is now tanned. She has been chosen by the Axe of Borin to be the Borin wielder (the first female ever to have this position). The government who monitors all citizens’ changes comes after Liza to make sure she is on their side. After all if you don’t work for the government than you are an enemy of the government. They want her to immediately step into action but her next door neighbour (a retired government agent and super hero) Sarah Sapphire steps in saving Liza and insisting Liza needs to be trained.This is where the story begins as Liza must go on rapid journey of self-discovery and grow up fast to be the Borin wielder.She must learn to be the hero she was picked to be and learn the most the most important lesson that no heroine stands alone.

While the book is a good read some parts seem a little rushed and could be explained more. For instance when she finds the sword she just jumps to thoughts of revenge, perhaps Liza is aware of the legend of the Borin Axe but that is never explained. There are a few instances of this throughout the book where the author surges ahead with the story without explaining. That said it is a very interesting take on a world where super heroes and powers are the normal; Barbarian Girl is a interesting look at being a teenager and having greatness thrust upon you. However I must caution against language and sexual situations that are contained in the book, this book is for a mature teen audience.
   3   stars out of five
★★★ out of 

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