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Monday, November 28, 2011

Review Chill Run

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Review of Chill Run 
by Russell Brooks
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      Chill Run is an action packed thriller with a captivating and complex story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.
Eddie the main character is the average guy he’s struggling in his twenties and getting a lot of flak from family about his ambitions. He’s a writer who is finding it hard to break the glass ceiling to get his book published. His parents think he’s wasting his time writing and should go to school like his sister Denise whose is going to Harvard medical in January.
Eddie’s friend and roommate Corey, and Corey’s girlfriend Jordyn; think he should stage an event to get publishers interested in publishing his book. Eddie at first thinks it is a foolish idea but when Eddie loses his job, fights with his parents, and worries about rent money he is much more receptive to Corey and Jordyn's idea to get his book published. Jordyn uses her connections to set Eddie up with a celebrity, however things go horribly wrong for him when the client turns out to be suicidal and ends up revealing to Eddie details of a billion dollar financial fraud scheme.
 Remorseful Eddie confesses all about his media idea and goes in the washroom to cancel the expose but while he’s there two men kill his client. The next thing Eddie know he is on the run with Corey and then Jordyn from cops and the bad guys. To prove his innocence and save their lives he must remember a five minute conversation with the dead client and unravel secrets. I just could put this book down as I wanted to find out what would happen next to Eddie.
I fell in love with the main character and his friends Corey and Jordyn and hope that the writer will choose to make these characters into a series of books as they are exceptional rich characters I’d like to get to know even better. I have a new favourite thriller writer.
5 stars ★★★★★ out of five stars ★★★★★

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