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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Review - Meant To Be

Meant to Be (The Saving Angels book 1)

Meant to Be ((The Saving Angels book 1))
By Tiffany King
Available at Amazon http://amzn.to/pSEoBu 

         Krista is used to not fitting in she’s intelligent and sensitive; in fact too sensitive, strong emotions make her ill. She’s always dreamt of a shadowy male figure that comforts her but he has been slipping away from her in her dreams and she doesn’t know why. She’s been waking up crying because he feels ripped away from her.
Since her father died Krista and her adoptive mother need a change of scenery and Krista has always been drawn to Santa Cruz so that’s where they move. In Santa Cruz she finds out the truth about herself and her past.
This story is first of all charming, endearing and you really identify with the main character Krista, so much so that you want to know what will happen next to her as the story unwinds.It is a rich story told with great sensitivity and thought.
Meant To Be is a story of self –discovery, as well as a love story. I highly recommend this book as I couldn’t stop reading it until its conclusion. I look forward to reading others in this series.
Five stars out of five

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