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Friday, August 26, 2011

Review-Baked to Death(A Simon Kirby Novel)

Baked To Death

Baked to Death(A Simon Kirby Novel)
Available at Amazon http://www.amazon.ca/Baked-Death-Dean-James/dp/0758204884/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1314407342&sr=1-6
By Dean James

Gay vampire Simon Kirby-Jones is working on his latest historical romance novel and fumbling relationships. Simon has to decide whether or not to court his research assistant Sir Giles when his former lover (who made him a vampire and then dumped him) comes back into his life. Tristian wants something and Simon is sure it's Simon he wants.Simon is  unsure what he, himself wants as his burgeoning feelings for his assistant are coming forward yet he still feels something for Tristian. As Sir Giles puts forward his medieval re-enactment that takes place next to the manor one of the re-enactors to the position of the crown is poisoned.Simon begins to wonder what is behind the murder and whether Tristian is really behind it.To protect himself and his position hiding as a vampire Simon looks into it. Together with Giles, and with the backing of the handsome and newly out of the closet police detective Robin, Simon investigates.
This mystery has a good solid story but a little more character development would have helped as we don't real see the love interests as clearly as would like to although that could be because this is book four in the series and I hadn't read the books before. A interesting take though on a gay vampire hiding in English society as a writer. I enjoyed reading it.

*** 1/2   Three and half stars out of five


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